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What are we solving with Tech?

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    Simplifying the student's overseas education journey.

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    From counseling to flight boarding, we make end-to-end tech enabled solutions.

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    Improving efficiency of internal teams by automating business processes.

Tech Stack at

Noteworthy tech stacks that have propelled our Edu-tech to new heights over the years!!

The culture we follow

Life at


Our Recruitment process


Application Review

Recruiters will assess the candidate’s resume and cover letter to check if it aligns with the position requirements.


Coding assessments

The shortlisted candidates will be given coding assessments to evaluate technical skills and tech familiarity.


Technical Interview

The candidate’s technical aptitude, problem-solving abilities, and technical idea communication skills will be assessed.


Manager Interview

Manager interview evaluates candidate’s skills with behavioural, situational and job-specific questions to assess suitability and cultural fit.


HR interview

The HR assess the candidates qualifications, skills, and fit in the hiring process.



Upon passing the interview rounds and being selected, the candidate will receive a formal offer letter from the organization.

Explore career opportunities

If you believe you have the skill set to be a valuable addition to our organization then take a look at our career pages and apply for the position that interests you. We are always searching for the right talented individuals and will reach out to you when there’s a perfect opportunity!

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Human Resources

Benefits you will get

“Our organisation prioritises the well-being of our employees by providing them with a good work environment to grow and a comprehensive benefits package. We highly value our team members and are pleased to offer these benefits to those who join us.”

Annual Retreat

KC's annual retreat gives an excellent opportunity to employees to take a break from work, relax, rejuvenate & bond with their colleagues.

Medical Insurance

We offer medical insurance to our employees which help them take care of their health & well-being.

Employee Wellness Programs

We organize different activities to help employees improve their physical, mental & emotional health.

Festival Celebrations

We celebrate festivals at work to boost morale, foster fellowship & create a sense of belonging.

Annual Sports Meet

We organize sports meet to help employees stay fit, reduce stress & improve their teamwork & communication skills.

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